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What Does Luxury Mean to You?

There's a question you probably don't hear too often. But when you're buying a new or used luxury car, it's something worth thinking about. After all, what brings one person to Byers Imports might mean nothing at all to the next person.

On one hand, luxury isn't something that's limited to one make or model. On the other hand, if you've dreamed of owning a particular vehicle since…
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Specials at Byers Imports

No matter how you slice it, your car or SUV doesn’t come cheap. It’s not just the cost to buy a new luxury car, after all. It’s the cost of ownership — including things like parts and maintenance — that adds up over time. That’s why having the right dealership in your corner makes such a big difference. The member dealerships of Byers Imports are committed to helping keep car ownership reasonable. To…

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Should You Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Luxury Car?

Buying a new car can pose a bit of a dilemma. A new car might be more money than you’re willing or able to spend, while buying a used car can seem like taking a bit of a chance. Luckily for the Upper Arlington and Gahanna, OH luxury car shoppers served by the dealerships of Byers Imports, there’s a third answer: consider a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) car or SUV. Here’s what you…
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Drive Trains Explained


If you’re shopping for a new luxury vehicle around Westerville, OH, you may be left scratching your head at all of your drive train options. Some of the brands carried by Byers Imports make the decision easy (nearly every new Subaru vehicle has AWD standard, for example). For others — whether you’re comparing between brands, or options within a single body style — things can be more complicated. 

Let’s simplify things a bit with…

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What Makes Luxury Car Tires So Important?

Let's say you've trained for a marathon. You've invested in your nutrition, your training, and even a pair of those spandex shorts that help keep your form. After all that, would you put on a beat-up pair of old sneakers to run 26.2 miles? No? Then why leave a set of baloney skins on a precision-engineered luxury car? Byers Imports explains why your tires are so important.

Routine maintenance is key…
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Test Drive a Luxury Car with Byers Imports

You try on shirts and jackets, smell produce, and research blenders all to make sure you get something exactly right for you. Why do any differently when the time comes to buy a new luxury car? Drivers around Westerville and Gahanna, OH have long known that they could depend on the dealerships of Byers Imports to find the right car, but a bit of careful research and a test drive both go a long way…
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What Defines a Classic Car?

Is your new luxury car a potential future classic? If you've ever visited a classic car show and seen the lovingly restored cars -- including models from defunct makes like Cord, Packard, and Pierce-Arrow -- you may well wonder if the vehicle in your garage might one day take best in show. Trying to second-guess whether your car will become a classic gets a bit complicated. Byers Imports has some guidance.

There are collector's clubs…
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