Why Buy Used from Byers Imports?

You might be buying your next car for any number of reasons. Maybe you've had your current vehicle for a decade or longer and it's time for a change. Maybe you've had to pay one repair bill too many and you're at the end of your rope. Maybe you're afraid that the new job you've taken is a bit more of a commute than your old jalopy can handle. The only problem? A car isn't the kind of purchase you pay for with change you dug from the couch cushions. It's time to consider browsing the used cars for sale at Byers Imports.

Scouring the classifieds, taking your chances on eBay or Craigslist, or driving from neighborhood to neighborhood in Westerville, OH isn't going to cut it. Car buying is different these days, and your buying experience should catch up with the times. Here's what sets the dealerships of Byers Imports apart from the competition:

•    Selection: You can choose between used cars, certified pre-owned cars, and program vehicles from nearly every major manufacturer.
•    Condition: Unlike the guy selling on Auto Trader, we have a business to run. We want you to ask questions, take a test drive, and even kick the tires if you want, because your happiness now means referrals for us later.
•    Confidence: We back -- and service -- what we sell. How's that for peace of mind?
•    Price: Get a fair price the first time.
•    Trade-Ins: Your neighbor probably isn't interested in your old El Camino, but we can apply its value toward your next vehicle. Let finding a buyer be our problem, not yours.
•    Financing: Here's a little secret: many of our customers visit to buy a used car and end up driving off in a new model because they didn't realize how easy it was to finance. If your next car is a necessity but money is tight, financing can be a life-saver.

It can be stressful buying a new car whether it's brand new or just new to you. The time it takes to research, work out financing, worry about getting rid of your old car, and make your selection is time that you could be spending on things like your kids or your golf game. Contact Byers Imports today. If it's time for a new (or used, or certified pre-owned) car, we'll help you find and finance the right one for you. Call 888-808-7202 or stop by 401 North Hamilton Road in Columbus, OH today!

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