Winterize Your Luxury Car

The calendar may have just turned to autumn, but at Byers Imports, we know that means one thing: this is the best time to start thinking about winter. Specifically, it's time to winterize your car. If you're waiting 'til the DPW is putting brine on the roads, or putting off until the first snow, you're already too late. You -- and your luxury car -- deserve better.

There are a few key reasons to winterize your car, whether it's a new luxury car or a certified pre-owned car. Safety would be at or near the top of the list, since winterizing ensures your car performs its best no matter what the weather. Cost is another reason. Today's minor issue could be tomorrow's biggest problem. A routine service call can check for things you may not even realize were wrong and save you money in the long run. Longevity is another good reason, since we're sure you'd like your car to run like new for as long as possible.

There are also some good reasons to choose Byers Imports for luxury car service:
  • The Right People: Our technicians are knowledgeable, especially since each location employs techs who specialize in the car brand you own.
  • The Right Parts: OEM parts -- the same ones installed in the factory -- ensure the right fit and function.
  • The Best Experience: Not just our technicians' experience, although that's important too. Here we're thinking of your experience. We'll take the time to ensure that you understand what your car needs, and what kinds of maintenance and repairs should take top priority. 

Whatever your car needs -- snow tires, an oil change, a new cabin filter, alignment, and more -- and whatever questions you have, bring them to Byers Imports. We have a century's worth of experience providing an unbeatable sales and service experience to customers in Westerville, OH, Gahanna, OH, Upper Arlington, OH and elsewhere in Ohio. For answers to your questions, visit 401 North Hamilton Road in Columbus, OH, or call our service department today. We hope to serve you soon!
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