Options vs Trim Levels

Visiting a luxury car dealership can be a daunting experience. With all the choices you have to make -- body styles and models, options, and trim levels -- we can understand feeling a bit intimidated. With a little knowledge, those choices become opportunities instead of worries. Byers Imports can help you make sense of it all. 

Car Options
Think of options as individual features you can add to a car that doesn't include them as standard equipment. You might upgrade a specific component -- trading 16-inch steel wheels for 17-inch alloy wheels, or swapping out the stock sound system for a premium version with more speakers -- or add a feature like blind spot detection or voice-activated navigation that didn't come standard.

Car Option Packages
Also known as option groups, an option package pulls together a set of related options. You might choose an infotainment package that upgrades the infotainment system, speakers, and app ecosystem; you might also choose an interior package that adds richer leather and genuine wood trim. It's a more cost-effective way to spec your car than tacking on individual options.

Car Trim Levels
If options are individual features you can mix and match, and option groups are combinations of popular options, think of a trim level as a version of the base model that groups options in a theme that makes sense. For instance, a Touring trim might combine a more luxurious interior with carefully chosen exterior accents, a more powerful engine, and suspension that ensures smoother handling. 

Our Advice
Once you've chosen your make, model, and body style, decide which options you can't live without. The best trim level will be the one that includes most or all of them as standard equipment so that you're not paying more than you should to tack on options. If you're still left scratching your head, visit Byers Imports. Our expert sales staff will help you evaluate your needs and priorities so you get a new car that fits your needs and style -- a car that's every bit as unique as you are.
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