How To Prepare Your Car for Winter

Winter is undoubtedly a difficult driving season. The many challenges faced on winter roads require serious attention to ensure safe and enjoyable passage. No matter how experienced a driver is, accidents can happen to anyone. Car dealerships in Libertyville recognize that being prepared is essential for driving any vehicle, such as a Subaru Crosstrek, in freezing conditions. What follows is a simple list of things every driver should do to prepare their car for winter:

1)    Winter Tires

First and foremost, winter tires are an essential ingredient for safe winter driving. When outdoor temperatures drop below the freezing point, any moisture on the road will solidify creating layers of snow and ice on the road surface. Unfortunately, summer and all-weather tires are not able to function properly in such low-friction conditions. Slipping around the road is certainly not an option because it endangers the lives of every other driver. At high speeds, particularly on the highway, a car will lose grip on patches of black ice. In winter conditions highway fatalities are shown to increase significantly. Before hitting the winter road, winter tires are a must.

2)    De-Icer Windshield Washer Fluid

De-icer windshield washer fluid is another essential ingredient for safe winter travelling. Cold temperatures will cause moisture to freeze on the windshield, decreasing the driver’s visibility substantially. The fluid helps to ensure that the windshield wipers can do their job properly, maintaining optimum visibility. It is generally quite inexpensive and can be purchased at any gas station or garage.

3)    Winter Tools

There are a few handy tools for wintertime that would otherwise scarcely be put to use. For starters, clearing the car surface after snowfall or ice formation requires both a scraper and a brush. The common double-purpose scraper-brush tool is available for sale at most car product locations. For heavier precipitation, meaning deeper snow, a shovel and tire chains become necessary. The underbelly of a car can easily become lodged on a mound of snow, locking the vehicle in place. Snow may be shovelled and tire chains laid by the wheels to increase the car’s grip. These useful tools can make a big difference in time lost, not to mention the expense of a tow truck.

4)    Checkup

Before hopping onto snowy streets, it is best to get a vehicle tuned up for maximum performance. Old brakes or a bad battery can put expert drivers in a pinch. Ensuring all of the components of a vehicle are working properly is essential in being able to travel safely in winter.

5)    Emergency Kit

Lastly, if the worst should happen and a driver is stuck outside for an extended period of time, it is important to have an emergency kit filled with warm blankets, water and food, and a battery powered heater. This is one situation where extended preparation and a backup plan are worth the extra effort

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