List of Common Illegal Car Modifications

Customizing a car is one exciting passtime that allows any car owner to express themselves in a fun and creative way. A cool-looking vehicle is something many people strive to acquire in their lifetime. When it comes to car modifications, there are many things that are allowed, but of course many things that are not. Certain modifications, though they make a Subaru Outback look cool, are actually dangerous in practice and have been outlawed because they distract other drivers or conflict with Libertyville public safety regulations. Here is a quick list of common car modifications to avoid to make sure a modified car is street-legal.

1)    Radar Detector

Though particularly useful in avoiding speeding tickets, radar detectors go against the very rules set in place to make sure everyone is driving the speed limit. Those drivers abiding by the legal limits have no use for these clever devices. As such, radar detectors are illegal and drivers pulled over with one of these installed will surely face additional fines.

2)    Underglow

A flashy neon underbelly may look great cruising down the freeway at night, but unfortunately this modification is extremely distracting to other drivers. When unfamiliar light colors are zipping around the road it is easy for other drivers to make mistakes, putting everyone in danger. As such, these fancy lights have been made illegal.

3)    Loud Exhaust

For the sake of attention and the powerful roar of an engine, some Subaru Outback drivers will remove a system that quiets the exhaust pipe. While this may be fun for a moment, it disrupts other drivers on the road and creates uncertainty. Some people are very sensitive to loud sounds. As such, a modified exhaust pipe will incur a ticket from the local Libertyville authorities.

4)    Lift Kits & Low-riders

Wheel clearance and shock support can easily be modified to bring the car frame closer or farther from the ground. Depending on the region, certain modifications can be quite stylish, for example low-riding vehicles in southern California. Drivers altering their vehicle’s ground clearance should consult the legal upper and lower limits for such alterations.

5)    Super-Dark Window Tint

When things go wrong on the road, drivers require maximum visibility to drive properly. Moreover, police need to be able to see into vehicles to monitor the drivers. Super-dark window tint is a common Subaru Outback modification that is outlawed in Libertyville. These windows distract drivers and create unnecessary danger.

6)    Nitrous

Lastly, for those street-racing fanatics, nitrous oxide can provide an extra boost to reach those top speeds and win a race. Unfortunately, this highly combustible material is extremely dangerous and is strictly outlawed. Any cars modified with nitrous are sure to be impounded and their owners fined.

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