Your New Car: Tips for First-Time Buyers

Throughout the Columbus area and around Gahanna, OH, high school and college grads are witnessing the end of one chapter and the start of another. The Byers Imports team congratulates the Class of 2018 and wishes you luck as you set out  on a series of firsts: your first big job, first apartments, and — for many of you — your first new car. Here’s how to get car buying right the first time.

Start with your budget. While a brand new Subaru car might be at the top of your wishlist, make sure you look beyond the monthly loan or lease payments and consider fuel, maintenance, and insurance. Bear in mind how that payment slots in with the rest of your obligations and living expenses, too. 

Next up, give some thought to your credit. If you have no credit history, don’t worry; an auto loan can be a great way to build one. Of course, some of you may also be trying to rebuild credit because of credit card debt, medical expenses, or other issues. We can help there as well; just speak to your Columbus luxury car dealer

Think over your choice of car, too. If a new car isn’t the right fit — and it won’t be for everyone — don’t overlook our pre-owned and certified pre-owned options. They’ll give you a lower price, and if you go the CPO vehicle route you’ll find other benefits as well. 

Finally, get ready for your test drive. Compile a list of questions, and also figure out the features you want. Bring along your proof of income and insurance, make sure you’ve got your license, and our sales staff will help you iron out the details. For any questions or concerns, simply call 888-808-7202 or visit 401 North Hamilton Road in Columbus, OH. We hope to get you behind the wheel of your first car soon!

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