The third-generation Cayenne has been released by Porsche and it extends beyond any normal family hauler. This luxury SUV is lighter, quicker, and more powerful than ever before and features a plethora of new technology that may push it to the top of your family’s list.

The new Cayenne features a sports-car pedigree, exquisite attention to detail, and enough space for a family of five and all of their belongings. With a trio of capable powertrains that pair with an automatic transmission and all-wheel drive, your family can go further than before. Keep in mind that this luxury SUV can be outfitted with various performance upgrades and customized options to suit your specific desires.

Below we will showcase just ten of the features of the 2019 Cayenne that will turn heads and surpass similar offerings in the luxury SUV genre!

1)   Electronic Roll Stability

The first feature that stands out on the 2019 iteration is the available electrically adjustable anti-roll bars. This is offered on the Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control package and is available on every Cayenne model. This new electromechanical setup will suppress lateral body movement during a cornering maneuver. Not only will this function increase your performance, but it will also add to better ride comfort for you and your passengers.

2) Rear-Wheel Steering System

The new Cayenne also boasts a rear-wheel steering system that adds actuators to the rear axle to steer the rear wheels against the fronts. This contributes to sharper turn-ins and easier maneuvering in tight parking lots at lower speeds as well as greater stability at speeds above 50 mph.

3) Air Suspension Gains Two Additional Chambers and More Capability

The older Cayenne models offered a single air chamber in each of its air springs, but the 2019 version now offers three air chambers per spring. This translates to multiple effective spring rates and a wider range of ride heights. Drivers can choose from five selectable clearances that start at a low 6.4-inches and move up to 10.4-inches to accommodate off-road driving. Consumers will also appreciate the super-low loading mode that provides easier access to the cargo area for regular trips to the grocery store or weekend trips to the lake.

4) Staggered-Width Tires

In the past, the Cayenne has worn only square-fitment front and rear tires. For the 2019 model, the SUV finally sees a staggered fitment on every trim to deliver better performance and handling. The 19-inch-wheel package is wrapped in 255/55 front and 275/50 rear tires. The uplevel 20-inch wheels boosting those widths to 275s in front and 305s in back. The Cayenne’s 21-inch fitment offers 9.5-inch-wide wheels in front with 285s stretched over them.

5) Matrix LED Headlights

Standing on the cutting-edge of lighting technology, Porsche added matrix LED headlights to the new Cayenne. This features a large array of individually-controlled, fixed-position LEDs per headlight. When drivers use the SUV’s forward camera and light sensors, the lights can selectively shut off certain bulbs to protect oncoming cars from the bright LED headlights. The system can also light certain bulbs to highlight potential dangers on the road such as animals or pedestrians.

6) Electronically-Adjustable Grille Shutters

Electrically-adjustable grille shutters are available on every 2019 Cayenne to minimize drag and enhance engine cooling. All four of the openings in the front fascia of the luxury SUV now offers active shutters. Slats will stay closed during lower speeds and open as needed when speed and engine loads increase.

7) Available in an Eco-Friendly Hybrid

Modern drivers can rejoice! The 2019 Cayenne is available in an eco-friendly hybrid option called the E-Hybrid. This green option provides the best fuel economy while packing a punch with a turbocharged 3-liter V6 engine that pushes out 455 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. The battery pack can be easily charged through a standard 3.6-kW onboard charger or the optional 7.2-W unit. There is no longer a need to choose between a luxury SUV and a capable, environmentally-sustainable option.

8) Advanced Driver-Assistance Safety Tech

While safety isn’t always the most exciting thing to talk about, it is certainly an important consideration for most drivers. The new Cayenne offers a bevy of advanced driver-assistance technology to keep drivers, passengers, and pedestrians safer. Every model offers forward-collision warning with parking sensors at both ends. Other key safety features that are available include adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go technology, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, lane-departure warning, lane-keeping assist, and an infrared camera to support night vision.

9) Expansive Infotainment

Drivers will love the standard 12.3-inch infotainment system offered on the 2019 Cayenne. This advanced system features a slick interface and a home menu that can be configured for a more personalized setup. To keep passengers entertained on long commutes and cross-country road trips, the Cayenne offers an available rear-seat entertainment system that attaches two 10-inch displays to the back of the front-seat headrests. With everyone connected and content, you can easily focus on the road ahead!

10) Classic Porsche Styling

All of these functions and features are impressive, but let’s face it. People buy a Porsche to get that timeless style that communicates something more. Always on the cutting edge of sophistication, the 2019 model is longer, lower, and broader than before. It features a wider gob, muscle-fit bodywork, and an LED lightbar between the rear lights with 3D-effect Porsche lettering. This SUV will communicate refinement and luxury while still offering the space, performance, and safety you want from an SUV.

Find Your New Porsche Cayenne in Columbus Today

The Cayenne offers that “dream car” look combined with ample performance, safety, and driver-assist features that make this a no-brainer for your next family SUV! Stop by our Porsche dealership in Columbus today to view our inventory of the 2019 Porsche Cayenne and take a test drive. Our team is ready and willing to help you explore all of your options and make a pick that will leave you driving off the lot with a smile from ear to ear.

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