Columbus Volkswagen Dealer - Your Guide for Dashboard Lights

Do you get that sinking feeling when you are driving around Columbus and a little light pops up on the dashboard of your Volkswagen? As a dashboard light could range anywhere from a maintenance reminder to something serious that could require you to pull over right away, it is important to familiarize yourself with each symbol. Our Columbus Volkswagen dealer is proud to offer a helpful guide to help you understand some common dashboard lights, what they mean, and if it is necessary to take action when they turn on.

Columbus Volkswagen - Warning Symbols

Warning symbols typically show up in red and signal a potential issue with your vehicle that should be looked at by a professional as soon as possible. Do not ignore these lights as they could end up costing you more money if ignored.

Temperature Warning Light

If the temperature warning light comes on, your vehicle’s coolant is overheating. Pull over to allow your Volkswagen to cool down. If this symbol appears in blue, your coolant could be below a temperature that allows your vehicle to perform normally. Pull over and give it a few minutes to warm up.

Oil Pressure Warning Light

This common symbol could reveal that your engine has lost normal oil pressure, your oil is low, or it could indicate serious engine problems. It is encouraged that you pull over and call a Columbus, OH service specialist for assistance.

Battery Charge Warning

If this symbol comes on, your battery is either dead or the charge is too low. Pull over and turn everything on your vehicle off, but do not turn your vehicle off. You will want to get to a shop straight away.

Columbus Volkswagen - Safety Symbols

Safety symbols typically appear in different colors but are just as important as warning signs. If you see one of the following symbols on your Volkswagen’s dashboard, take it seriously and take action!

Engine Warning

This symbol relates to your engine and should never be ignored as it could either indicate a faulty sensor or something seriously wrong. Pull over immediately and book an appointment at our Columbus Volkswagen dealership service center to have it checked.

Tire Pressure Warning

This symbol indicates that one, or more, of your tires a low on air. Head to the nearest gas station and check your tires, then fill accordingly. This is one of the less serious lights that may appear, but if ignored for too long, your tires will wear unevenly and could pop when you are driving at high speeds.

Traction Control Symbol

If this symbol comes on, you are likely losing control of your vehicle and may be more likely to slip on ice or rainwater. It may appear for a short period of time until your vehicle is back to controlled driving, but if it stays on it could indicate a problem with your traction control system. 

Make an Appointment for Service at Our Columbus Volkswagen Dealership

It is unavoidable that you will occasionally have a light come up on your dashboard. Vehicles face a lot and will typically require needed maintenance over the course of their life. Make sure to take each one seriously and provide your Volkswagen with the necessary service or maintenance in a timely manner.


If you have questions about a dashboard light and would like to talk to a service professional, call Byers Imports today. Our Columbus area service technicians have extensive knowledge and experience to provide the needed maintenance to your vehicle to get your back on the road safely and quickly. Schedule your service appointment today!

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