New Year’s is the time that everyone starts making changes and getting rid of bad habits. If you are considering which resolutions you would like to make for yourself for 2019, why not think of a few for your car as well! This could look like improving your time behind the wheel or simply taking better care of your vehicle to ensure it lasts a long time. Browse our Columbus Subaru, Porsche, and Volkswagen dealer’s list of some excellent automotive resolutions now!

Get Your Vehicle’s Maintenance Done on Time at Our Columbus Service Center

As you are heading into the new year, it is important to make sure that you plan out regular vehicle maintenance like oil changes or basic inspections. Having these things done when they are due for your specific vehicle is the best way to prevent damage to your car and make sure it stays in prime conditions longer. The professional service technicians at our Columbus area Service Center are experienced working with Subaru, Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, and Jaguar models and can perform oil changes, tire rotations, and multi-point inspections on a specific schedule for your vehicle.

Create an Automotive Savings Account for Your Subaru, Porsche, or Volkswagen

It is smart to create an automotive savings account and regularly add money throughout the year so that you can handle any repairs your vehicle needs as soon as they come up. By doing this, you will be more prepared when a surprise issue arises and can get it taken care of quickly. If you don’t require any repairs over the next year, the money you set aside will make a great down payment on that dream Porsche, Subaru, or Volkswagen you have your eye on in our inventory of new models in Columbus.

Keep Your New Audi or Porsche Clean with Regular Washes & Detailing

Do you remember how clean your car was when you first drove it off the lot? It most likely has lost that new car shine due to dirt, trash, and unnecessary items stacking up over time. Instead of letting this happen in 2019, schedule a little time once a week to clean things out of your car. It will also help to take your vehicle for regular washes and detailing services. This will leave your car still feeling like new at the end of the year!

Take Care of Your Tires & Get a Brand New Set at Our Columbus Tire Center

Tires are incredibly important for driving safety and performance, so plan to bring your vehicle in for an inspection at our Tire Center in Columbus. Our technicians will check for proper inflation, even wear, and ample tire tread. If you are need of new ones to get you through the new year, we can help you choose the right set for your specific make and model!

Plan a Trip Somewhere New in a Your Porsche, Subaru, or Volkswagen

One of your resolutions for the new year can be something fun! Plan a trip to somewhere new to give you a chance to fully enjoy each performance and convenience feature of your Subaru, Porsche, or Volkswagen.

Save Up for a New Ride from Our Columbus Subaru Dealer

If you have been considering buying a new vehicle, 2019 may be the year to make your car dreams come true! Shop our Columbus dealership’s selection of new and used Subaru, Porsche, Volkswagen, and other models today to find the best deals and ride into the new year in style.


Whatever your New Year’s resolutions are, it is never too late to make a few for your car! Visit Byers Imports today, serving the Westerville and Upper Arlington areas with an incredible selection of new and pre-owned luxury vehicles and incredible service from experienced technicians.

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