10 Tips for Preparing Your Car for Fall in Columbus, Ohio

As we creep into October many people begin thinking about harvest festivals, football games, pumpkin spice everything, and the changing leaves. Temperatures will drop and we may even begin to see some rain, ice, and snow on the roads anytime in the next month or two. Don’t wait until we are well into the end of the fall season to prepare your vehicle for the colder weather. A couple of simple tips and maintenance steps could help protect your loved ones and your car during fall and winter in Columbus. Let’s take a look at 10 things every driver should consider doing soon!

1. Check Your Belts & Hoses

First thing’s first. Take a look for cracks, leaks, and wears in the belts and hoses of your vehicle. It is important to make sure there are no signs of splitting, fraying, or glazing. Although an overheating of the belts and hoses typically occurs in summer, it can happen during the colder months too. If you notice any problems with these components while you are checking them over, it is time to take it into the shop to correct any problems. If you are unsure what to look for, you can trust the mechanics at Byers Imports to inspect them for you.

2. Check Your Fluid Levels

Another important thing to inspect in your car, truck, or SUV is the fluid levels including the windshield washer fluids, transmission fluids, coolant, brake fluids, and power steering fluids. These are essential to ensuring your car runs smoothly. Washer fluid will be important to help maintain visibility as inclement weather comes in. The coolant will regulate your engine’s temperature and the brake fluid prevents corrosion by serving as a lubricant. If you have questions about any of these fluids or need assistance checking or replacing them, contact our automotive technicians now!

3. Check Your Tires

As the potential for snow and ice increases, it is important to make sure you have the proper tires and that they are in good condition. Check their tread, inflation, and overall condition and have them rotated regularly to ensure even wear. Colder weather causes tires to lose air quickly so be sure to check tire pressure regularly. Has the time come for a new set of tires or a set of snow tires? Head over to our dealership in Columbus for terrific prices on a variety of options.

4. Prepare for Cold Weather & Roadside Emergencies

Cool weather is also a sign that you may find yourself in dangerous driving conditions soon and need to prepare for a roadside emergency. It is important to prepare for this possibility before the worst weather hits in winter. Some key items to consider keeping in your car include the following:

?       Gloves, extra boots, warm clothes, etc.

?       Ice scraper

?       Blanket

?       First aid kit

?       Jumper cables

?       Flashlight

?       Flares

?       Small shovel

?       Basic tool kit

?       Spare tire and tire changing equipment

?       Flashlight and extra batteries

?       Water

?       Candles

?       Lighter

?       Extra phone charger

5. Check and Change the Oil

You should check your oil regularly and change it at manufacturer recommended intervals, but early fall is a good time to do it again for good measure. The oil is very important to making sure your vehicle runs smoothly and fights against friction and heat, which can wreak havoc on your engine. Schedule an oil change at Byers Imports now!

6. Check Your Heat

The last thing you will want to deal with during the first snowstorm in Columbus is a heater that does not work properly. Take a moment to test out the heat in your car and if it is in need of repair, take it to our auto repair shop. It is also important to make sure the defroster works as driving with a fogged-up windshield can be very dangerous.

7. Check Your Brakes

Cold weather and unsafe driving conditions will highlight the importance of having solid brakes. Take a moment on your next drive to test out your brakes. Listen for unusual noises that may signal failing brake pads and test the pedal to see if you are having to press down farther than normal to achieve complete brake functions. You can also check the brake pads yourself to see if they are worn down. Get your vehicle into an expert for more assistance checking your brakes or replacing parts before winter.

8. Buy All-Weather Floor Mats

It may be worth it to invest in all-weather floor mats this season. These are a long-lasting option that will protect your vehicle’s floors against water, snow, dirt, and more. Get them installed and enjoy year-round protection from the elements, stains, and spills.

9. Check Your Lights

It is simple to check the lights on your vehicle. Simply take a walk around the exterior and examine headlights, taillights, brake lights, and indicators to ensure they are working properly. These lights need to be in good condition to allow other drivers to see you on the road during bad weather or low visibility conditions. Replace a broken or blown-out bulb yourself or take it to the dealership!

10. Check Your Battery

The battery is crucial for starting your vehicle, so now is the time to check it for charge and any signs of corrosion. If it needs a new battery, you can get it replaced quickly and easily at our dealership service center. We can also help you diagnose any problems with your battery.

Whether your Audi, Subaru, Porsche, or Volkswagen needs a routine oil change or more extensive repairs or replacements before the cold weather rolls in, you can trust Byers Imports to make sure you are in top shape for fall! Our service professionals have extensive training and experience with a number of different models from top manufacturers and can be trusted to provide quality work in a timely manner. Take a look at current coupons or promotions to enjoy even greater savings on your service at our Columbus dealership!

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