Buying a new or even a used vehicle is a big investment. When a good amount of money is on the line, it is important that drivers bring home the best vehicle for their needs. Unfortunately many do not take the test drive seriously. According to a study by J.D. Power, one third of car shoppers only drive one vehicle before they buy and 16 percent skip the test drive altogether.


Just because you have heard it’s a great vehicle or the experts give it a high rating, doesn’t mean it is right for you! The purpose of test driving multiple vehicles is to make sure you drive home in the option that fits your needs and preferences. Take a look at our guide to making the most of your test drive at our dealership!


1)    Understand the Goal of the Test Drive


The goal of a test drive is to figure out if a vehicle is a good fit. It is a natural part of doing your research to discover if the car is comfortable, if you enjoy the driving dynamics, and to really get a feel for all of the features. Although customers might be hesitant to ask for a test drive for fear that they will be pressured into the sale, the team at Byers Imports will gladly help drivers test all of the models they have their eye on without any pressure or obligation.


2)    Listen to Experts, but Trust Your Opinions


Some shoppers will do extensive online research, reading car reviews and comparing statistics on different options. While this is helpful, these expert assessments should not be a substitute for your own opinion. Taking a test drive will help you determine if the reviews line up with your experience of the vehicle.


3)    Drive the Way You Normally Drive


Some drivers taking a test drive might approach it like a driving test, carefully driving it a short distance around the dealership. The best approach is to drive how you normally drive and where you normally drive. If your regular commute includes stretches on the interstate, navigating cramped parking lots or narrow alleys, and more, you should try to find a way to test drive in similar situations. Ask a sales professional for suggestions near Byers Imports to help you figure out how the car will operate in your daily lifestyle.


4)    Pay Attention to Comfort


While you might be tempted to only pay attention to the big components like vehicle size and price, it is important that you don’t overlook the features of the car that will make a big impact on overall comfort and convenience. Drivers might want to spend a few minutes before coming to the dealership writing down a list of specific features they want. Being upfront about this will help you narrow down your choices, ensuring you only test drive options that meet your needs.


5)    Check How it Feels to Be a Passenger

If you are going to be the one driving the new vehicle, you might be tempted to only test things from the driver’s seat. We recommend looking beyond to the other areas of the vehicle to ensure the passenger seats are spacious and comfortable. If you have a family or often drive passengers in your vehicle, it will be worth it to make sure you are getting a vehicle where all of the seats are up to your standards.


6)    Make a Plan Before Your Visit to Our Dealership


To save yourself time at the dealership, it is best to consider what you are looking for and even pick out a few vehicles you know you want to test drive from our online inventories. Give us a call to set up an appointment for a test drive to ensure you will be able to get started with a sales professional right away to test drive until you find the perfect vehicle.


What to Remember During the Test Drive


With these basic tips for making the most out of your test drive, it is also important to cover all of your bases during the actual test drive. Here is a useful checklist to bring to help you examine all of the features and aspects of the vehicle

?     Check if the primary controls and infotainment system are easy to use from your position in the driver’s seat

?     Check if the front seats are supportive and comfortable

?     Check if the gauges and display screens are easy to view and operate

?     Check the climate-control system

?     Check if your smartphone integrates well with the Bluetooth/entertainment system

?     Check Wi-Fi connectivity if applicable

?     Check the navigation system’s accuracy

?     Drive multiple road surfaces at varying speeds

?     Test the vehicle power for merging with highway traffic

?     Take several corners to check how smooth it handles

?     Test the brakes to ensure they have a solid, reassuring feel

?     Learn how to park the vehicle and examine how intuitive any rearview cameras or parking assist features are

?     Observe how well you can see out in all directions

?     Listen to how much road noise comes through the cabin


Beyond remembering all of these items, it might be worth consulting with the salesperson about newer features on the vehicle you may not be familiar with. If you haven’t bought a new car in awhile, you likely haven’t tested out the latest technology like lane-assist or pedestrian warnings.


Choose from Our Inventory of Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Subaru, & More


Our dealerships have been a fixture in the Columbus area for years thanks to our dedication to providing our customers with a friendly atmosphere and an easier car-buying process. We are a great place to narrow down your choices because of our extensive inventory that includes popular new or pre-owned options from Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Subaru, and other top manufacturers.


Visit Byers Imports today to find your next family-friendly SUV, luxury sedan, sports car, or rugged crossover. We are conveniently located on the borders of Blacklick, Gahanna, New Albany, and Reynoldsburg.

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