Coronavirus caused countless shelter-in-place orders to go into effect around the country and many businesses in Columbus temporarily closed their doors. Some might be wondering whether or not they are still able to get their vehicle fixed if necessary.


The government declared car service centers to be an essential business and they will remain open for maintenance and service. This is good news for drivers in need of emergency repairs and those trying to stay on top of their vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule. In line with various restrictions and recommendations during the pandemic, many service centers have modified their operations to optimize the safety of their staff and customers. These changes might include fluctuating business hours, smaller staff sizes, and updated drop-off and pick up procedures to minimize human interaction.


Byers Imports is a family-owned dealership group that has served the Columbus, Ohio area for over 120 years. We are genuinely dedicated to our customers and are working to continue to serve the community’s automotive needs while maintaining the health and safety of everyone.


The best thing you can do if you would like to schedule service for your vehicle is to review our guide below and contact us with any additional questions or concerns!


Step 1 - Figure Out if Your Vehicle Needs to be Seen by a Professional


In accordance with government orders and public safety guidelines, we recommend that people only schedule a repair if the vehicle is unsafe to drive or has a serious issue that prevents you from getting groceries or going to work. Some things that might require immediate attention include:

?      Strange sounds in your engine - If you are unsure about the sounds, it would be best to have the engine checked out. Problems in the engine can lead to a domino effect of failing systems.

?      Coolant leaks - This can cause your engine to overheat and lead to a breakdown.

?      Worn out tires - You wouldn’t want to experience a blow out on the side of the road as it is dangerous for everyone involved.

?      Brake issues - If your brakes don’t feel right, it is a good idea to get them checked out. Problems with your brakes could be dangerous and make it difficult to stop your car.


These are just a few of the more common car issues that are considered urgent. Anyone with urgent service needs is encouraged to contact our Service Center in Columbus to set up an appointment as soon as possible.


Since shelter-in-place and lockdown measures have been going on for an extended period of time now, it is understandable that drivers will want to begin taking care of their basic maintenance needs. Our trained technicians can help you figure out how soon you should get your vehicle serviced and will be able to tell you if it is something that could wait. If it is not something you can take care of yourself at home, please contact us to set up your maintenance appointment and inquire about additional measures you can take to reduce contact depending on the service.


Step 2 - Read Up On Changes at the Dealership


Byers Imports has taken steps to prevent the spread of the virus based on information from state health authorities and the CDC.


Our steps include:

?      Thorough cleanings of all dealership facilities daily

?      Sanitizing gel and foam stations available on-site

?      Providing our staff with specific instructions on hand washing and the importance of staying home if they are not feeling well

?      Adhering to the recommended six feet of social distance from other staff and customers


We will still be offering vehicle pick up and delivery services at this time. We will also be adjusting schedules and operations for some of our staff to ensure that we stay well and can continue serving our customers efficiently. These schedule adjustments are expected to have minimal impact on our in-store operations. Our Service Center will help you understand how these changes might affect your visit.


Step 3 - Take Precautions


Even though our dealership will be taking extra measures to ensure things are disinfected and social distancing is in order, it is a good idea for customers to come prepared. This includes wearing gloves and a mask. We also recommend that customers avoid touching unsanitized items and remain at least six feet from technicians and other customers at all times.


While we will offer thorough cleanings, some customers might want to disinfect their vehicle themselves before or after a service. This includes cleaning hidden spots and wiping down dashboards, gear shifts, seat belts, door handles, and any other exposed surface. It is not recommended to use alcohol or bleach on leather or vinyl as it could crack or discolor the surfaces. Your owner’s manual should offer a list of products that are safe to clean the car surfaces with and the Environmental Protection Agency released a list of criteria for effective cleaning products.


Schedule an Appointment for Your Auto Service or Maintenance Today


Byers Imports is a trusted source in Columbus for auto repairs and maintenance as we have taken the necessary steps to maintain a healthy and sanitary workplace while still meeting our customers’ needs. If you are unsure about performing any of these tasks listed below yourself or would like to take your vehicle to a professional for further inspection on any complicated maintenance items or repairs, it is time to set up your appointment with us today!


Our team of service professionals offers extensive experience with a wide variety of makes and models. We are certified Volkswagen, Porsche, Subaru, and Audi service technicians and we can handle any of the following:

?      Oil Change

?      Wheel Alignment

?      Wiper Replacement

?      Tire Rotation, Alignment, & Balancing

?      Brakes

?      Heat & A/C

?      Batteries

?      Steering & Suspension

?      Check Engine Warning Lights

?      Inspections

?      Preventative Maintenance


We also offer Collision Centers with highly certified technicians that specialize in repairing cars, trucks, motor coaches, RVs, trailers, heavy-duty trucks, and equipment. Services include Automotive Paint, Dent and Scratch Repair, Frame Repair, Glass Replacement, and much more!


Contact our Columbus area service technicians to learn more about current hours and changes in our Service Center and to schedule your service apartment to get your vehicle back on the road safely.

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