As the weather warms up in Columbus, it is the time to start your Spring-Cleaning list. Since most of us are confined to our homes due to social-distancing requirements, now is the perfect time to get your car ready for the sunny days ahead. It feels so good to start fresh and clutter-free with a sleek, shiny vehicle as we plan for future road trips and the hope of some summer fun.


Byers Imports is here to help you with your annual auto cleaning procedure. Focus on these important areas for a quality spring-cleaning that will rid your vehicle of winter mess inside and out.


1. Clean Interior Carpeting & Upholstery


It is a good idea to focus first on the interior carpeting and upholstery of your vehicle. Use a damp towel to wash down the seats and use a gentle fine-bristled brush to remove dust and dirt off the nooks and crannies of your car such as the ventilation areas, buttons, and crevices in seat cushions. Use your own vacuum or visit a local full-service car wash to vacuum up debris and dirt. If possible, you might want to try using a carpet-cleaning machine to get rid of excess rock salt debris, mud, or dry dirt on carpeting.


Remove all the trash on unnecessary items that have piled up in your vehicle to free your car from clutter. You can then organize the items you will need to store in the vehicle such as gum, sunglasses, garage clickers, and other items in their respective storage places. Now is the time to remove your box of winter-specific gear and maybe replace it with important items you might need for warmer-weather driving and activities. Top this interior cleaning and organizing off with adding a new springtime-scented air freshener for a touch of aromatic therapy.


2. Wash Your Tires & Wheels


To remove any tough grime that has built up on tires over the winter, drivers can use a stiff brush and a small toothbrush to reach every area of the tire. It is important to use non-acid products when washing your tires to get a good clean without damaging them with harsh chemicals.


Now is also the time to pay some extra attention to your wheels. Remove the hubcaps and wash them and the wheel wells thoroughly. While you are doing this, it might be a good time to check the tire pressure and tighten up any loose lug nuts.


3) Wash the Exterior


While you certainly could take your car through the local car wash to get a clean exterior, the best option for your car’s exterior is a delicate and smooth hand-wash. This will create a sleeker look without damaging your car’s paint, and let’s face it - some extra time outside in the sun during quarantine wouldn’t be so bad! Make sure to use car wash solution instead of household soap to give a good clean that preserves the natural finish. After you fully wash and rinse the vehicle using a soft towel and mild detergent, use a rubber squeegee tool to remove any excess water. This process should take care of the winter grime that builds up in the cracks and under the edges.


Waxing the exterior of your vehicle is a good idea in the spring. Choose a spray or liquid wax option for the best results that will protect your vehicle and bring a sleek shine. Remember to test a new product on a hidden portion of the car’s body to make sure it works properly and to wax your vehicle out of direct sunlight.


4) Wash the Console


Now that your interior is free of dirt and debris, it’s time to properly wipe the console down. Wash them carefully using a wet cloth avoiding getting electrical connections wet. Make sure to dry the dashboard thoroughly and remember to get those harder to reach spots like cup holders.


5) Clean Under the Hood


Many drivers forget this step during their annual cleaning, but it is important. Leaves, debris, and dirt can get trapped under the hood and can even get into the engine area. It might be enough to wipe down the edges, but you might need to consider having the engine wiped off or professionally cleaned if needed.


6) Replace Wipers


Wiper blades typically last about a year, so it is helpful to remember to replace them during each annual spring-cleaning. After the harsh Columbus winter, it is always good to have fresh wipers in good working order during intense spring showers.


7) Clean Your Windows for an Added Sparkle


The last thing you will want to clean on your vehicle will be the windows to prevent them from getting dirty again while cleaning other parts of the car. Avoid using harsh glass cleaners and find a quality automotive window-specific option without ammonia to better clean and protect them. Use a microfiber cloth to avoid leaving towel marks, streaks, or spots. Remember to roll the windows all the way down to remove the grime and oil that gathers at the top of your window. The side mirrors of the vehicle can be done in the same way for a streak-free shine.


Notice Anything Out of Order with Your Vehicle?


Following these steps will leave you with a fresh, squeaky-clean car ready to tackle the road ahead. If you are cleaning your car and notice any service or parts concerns pop up, reach out to our dealership in Columbus to schedule an appointment to get those taken care of while you are working on the vehicle. Our service technicians can handle anything from routine maintenance to more extensive repairs and we have excessive experience working with various automakers including Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, and Subaru. We also carry a wide selection of parts and accessories that we can install or we can order for you if you would like to do a DIY installation.


Contact Byers Imports today to set up an appointment! We are continuing to meet our community’s automotive needs through the COVID-19 pandemic and are still offering an excellent inventory for new and used vehicles as well as timely vehicle service.

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