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Specials at Byers Imports

No matter how you slice it, your car or SUV doesn’t come cheap. It’s not just the cost to buy a new luxury car, after all. It’s the cost of ownership — including things like parts and maintenance — that adds up over time. That’s why having the right dealership in your corner makes such a big difference. The member dealerships of Byers Imports are committed to helping keep car ownership reasonable. To…

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Drive Trains Explained


If you’re shopping for a new luxury vehicle around Westerville, OH, you may be left scratching your head at all of your drive train options. Some of the brands carried by Byers Imports make the decision easy (nearly every new Subaru vehicle has AWD standard, for example). For others — whether you’re comparing between brands, or options within a single body style — things can be more complicated. 

Let’s simplify things a bit with…

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What Makes Luxury Car Tires So Important?

Let's say you've trained for a marathon. You've invested in your nutrition, your training, and even a pair of those spandex shorts that help keep your form. After all that, would you put on a beat-up pair of old sneakers to run 26.2 miles? No? Then why leave a set of baloney skins on a precision-engineered luxury car? Byers Imports explains why your tires are so important.

Routine maintenance is key…
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