Which Type of Car from our Columbus Subaru & Porsche Dealer is Right for You?

While our dealership in Columbus offers a wide variety of models and trims from Porsche, Subaru, Volkswagen, Audi, and more top brands, sometimes it can be difficult to know which general type of car will be right for you and your family. Our guide to choosing the right body style for your needs will help you narrow down your search and save time at our dealership!

Compact/Subcompact: Find a Smaller Car in Columbus

Compact cars offer a variety of advantages to drivers including affordability, space-saving, and fuel efficiency. If you are a first-time buyer and do not want to…

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Why August is a Great Time to Buy a New Car at Our Columbus Subaru Dealership

As our dealership is preparing to bring in 2019 models from Subaru, Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, and Jaguar, you may be able to save big on 2018 models currently on our lot! We offer extra incentives to bring down the price of most new cars, so if you are thinking it is time for an upgrade or you simply are in need of a new car, head into our Columbus dealership in August!

Head Back to School in a New Subaru or Volkswagen Thanks to Amazing Deals

For many parents, August means preparing to send your kids back to school! This…

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Audi, Porsche, & Subaru Cars in Columbus Perfect for Summer Adventures

Audi, Porsche, & Subaru Cars in Columbus Perfect for Summer Adventures

Whether you desire a luxurious, powerful car for a long road trip, are looking for an equipped option to take your family to the lake, or need a capable car for mountain getaways, Byers Imports has plenty of options for you!

Hit the Open Road from Columbus in a New Porsche or Audi Luxury Car

If you are planning a road trip across the country, or simply enjoy those afternoon Summer drives with the top down, you will find some of the top luxury cars suited to long drives at…

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Become More Eco-Friendly with Cars: Tips from our Columbus Volkswagen Dealer

Become More Eco-Friendly with Cars: Tips from our Columbus Volkswagen Dealer

Whether you are set on purchasing an environmentally friendly model from our Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, Subaru, and Jaguar dealer, or you are just on the hunt for tips to be as “green” as possible with a gas-powered car, Byers Imports is here to help you!

How to Be Green with a Gas-Powered Car from our Columbus, OH Dealership

There are some important things you can do before you hit the road, while you are behind the wheel, and when you are planning a commute or trip that can substantially…

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Your New Car: Tips for First-Time Buyers

Throughout the Columbus area and around Gahanna, Ohio, high school and college grads are witnessing the end of one chapter and the start of another. The Byers Imports team congratulates the Class of 2018 and wishes you luck as you set out  on a series of firsts: your first big job, first apartments, and — for many of you — your first new car. Here’s how to get car buying right the first time.

Start with…
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Credit Pre-Qualification 101

Buying a luxury car should be as much fun as driving it. That’s why we do our best to keep the car financing process as transparent and pain-free as we possibly can. To that end, we’re taking some time today to explain one of the less-understood parts of the finance process: pre-qualifying for an auto loan or lease at Byers Imports.

Why Should I Pre-Qualify?
Pre-qualifying isn’t mandatory, it’s just smart…
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Byers Imports Luxury Car Leasing Guide

If you’ve ever wondered what a new luxury car lease entails, Byers Imports has answers!

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Getting Ready for Your Test Drive


Whether you’re shopping for a new or used luxury car in Columbus OH, you’re probably doing a lot of research right now. There’s a lot to take into account, including the best brands, specifications, reliability, features, and much more. However, all your homework isn’t done ’til you’ve taken a test drive. Byers Imports has some tips that will help make yours a success.

Take Notes

Make a list of options…

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A Quick Guide to Using Premium Gasoline

When most drivers roll up to the gas station there is usually no question as to which type of gasoline they will use. The least expensive gasoline seems like the best option right? The answer is not always. Depending on the vehicle and other factors, premium gasoline may be a necessary expense that will save money in the long run. This being said, in most cases the extra expense outweighs whatever positive is produced.

Premium unleaded gasoline is generally a few octane point higher than its regular counterpart. This octane count refers to the carbon chains that make up the…

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