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Buying your first new car is an exciting milestone. You'll more than likely feel waves of excitement combined with nervousness approaching the big day. At Byers Imports, we want your first car buying experience to be a positive memory. To help this happen, our team sat down and developed a short list of tips to help guide you on how to buy your first vehicle. Take a few minutes to read over our tips, and if you still have any questions, feel free to reach out. We can't wait to help you through your first car buying experience.

Tips & Advice

Car Keys

Envision what you are looking for in your first car. Are you looking for something luxurious and sporty to zip around town in or would something more practical like an SUV be more up your alley? Consider the following:

  • How many passengers do you typically have?
  • Do you think you will need room for more than five people?

Take a note of that, and move on to how you will be using your vehicle:

  • Do you need seats that lay flat for more cargo space?
  • Do you plan to take your vehicle off-roading, or are you looking for a daily commuter?

Consider these questions when thinking about which type of vehicle best suits your lifestyle. Do not forget to reflect on the safety features that are important to you and come standard on the vehicle you might have in mind. Once you have a general idea of the car's qualities you're looking for, ponder what you would be willing to spend more to have, such as leather upholstery or an upgraded sound system.

Establish A Budget

Now that you have an idea of what you are looking for in your first car, it is time to determine your budget. Take time to calculate your monthly expenses without a car payment. Once you have an estimate, estimate how much you can afford to pay towards a monthly car payment. Be sure to include the expenses of owning a vehicle, such as routine maintenance, insurance, and fuel cost.

Take a Test Drive

Dog in New Car

The best way to determine if a vehicle is the right choice for you is to schedule a test drive. Seeing a vehicle in person is completely different than shopping online. We recommend taking at least thirty minutes during your test drive to experience how the vehicle drives and the interior features fit with what you were looking for. Are you comfortable while driving and have a good view? When you are ready to schedule your test drive, reach out to our talented team at Byers Imports.


Once you have found your perfect new car, the final step is purchasing the vehicle. At Byers Imports, we have a talented finance team that will walk you through the entire process. Our financing team will help you find options that best fit your budget and needs. You can trust us to have you covered every step of the way at Byers Imports.

Enjoy Your New Vehicle

Buying your first vehicle has never been easier at Byers Imports. The car buying process can be overwhelming, even for a seasoned buyer. Our team is ready to help you; we can assist you with everything, from scheduling a test drive to working through the financing process. Come out to Byers Imports today to see what we have available or ask any questions you may have about the car buying process. We cannot wait to match you with the vehicle that meets all of your needs.

A One of a Kind Experience at Byers Imports

Byers Imports has built a loyal community of customers over the years. It starts with our commitment to giving each customer a tailored experience. When you come to Byers Imports, you get a one-of-a-kind experience catered to your needs. Buying your first car? We will walk you through the process to make it a stress-free day. Regardless if you are shopping for the first time, trading in your vehicle, or looking to upgrade to something new, our team at Byers Import is ready to help you!

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