Frequently Asked Questions at Byers Imports

Here at Byers Imports, it is our goal to ensure that the car buying, financing and maintenance process is as easy as it can possibly be for our customers. We have over a decade of experience assisting the car buyers of the Columbus, Ohio, area, and have learned many things about serving our customers and community along the way. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of frequently asked questions, so that you can easily get your questions about us and about the car buying process answered. If you have additional questions, you are more than welcome to contact us online or visit us at 401 North Hamilton Road in Columbus, where we are excited to help streamline your car buying experience.

FAQ About Vehicles

Q: Why is Test Driving a Vehicle Important

Just like any large purchase, you do not want to buy a vehicle sight unseen. While a vehicle may look like it’s right for you on paper, it is important to get behind the wheel to be sure. Different vehicles have different driving feels, seat heights, interior space, and many other factors that can make or break your level of satisfaction with your purchase. At Byers Imports, we always offer test drives, ensuring that you have a good feel for the vehicle you are purchasing.

Q: What’s the difference between used & Certified Pre-Owned vehicles?

While both used and certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles have had previous owners, CPO vehicles pass a series of tests to ensure that they are of the highest quality. First, CPO vehicles need to be less than five years old, have a clean Carfax record, and have a low mileage. Next, they are inspected by the experienced service team at Byers Imports to ensure that they are high-functioning. Once they’ve passed these tests, they are given an extended manufacturer warranty. Used vehicles are ones that do not meet all these standards, but are thoroughly inspected by our service team to ensure that they are high-quality.

FAQ About Service and Maintenance

Q: How important is vehicle maintenance?

Routine maintenance of your vehicle is extremely important because catching minor problems before they become major ones can save you lots of time, money and headache down the road (literally!). All vehicles, no matter how reliable, eventually need maintenance due to regular wear and tear. The experienced service team at Byers Imports is committed to catching minor issues and stopping them before they hurt your wallet.

Q: How do I know it’s time for an oil change?

Every vehicle has a different recommendation for how often to get an oil change, so it is important that you consult your owner’s manual to find out your vehicle’s specific recommendation.

FAQ About Financing and Trade-Ins

Q: Is it possible to buy a vehicle with no credit?

It is certainly possible to purchase a vehicle with no or minimal credit history. We here at Byers Imports understand that only some buyers have a long and strong credit history; these buyers are not the only ones that deserve to purchase the perfect vehicle for them and their families. While traditional lenders may be hesitant to lend to you if you have a poor credit history, Byers considers additional factors like your income, employment history and financial stability. Meet with a member of our financing team today to see what your financing options are.

Q: How Do I Find Out What My Trade-In Vehicle Is Worth?

Byers Imports offers multiple ways to learn the trade-in value of your current vehicle. First, you can use the handy “Value Your Trade” tool on this website to get a quick estimate of your trade-in value. Additionally, you can visit our dealership, where a member of our experienced and friendly financing team can give you a thorough analysis of what your current vehicle is worth at trade-in.

FAQs About General Operations

Q: Do You Have Sunday Hours?

To ensure that our team is happy and healthy, we are not open on Sundays. We are open the rest of the week, however, and would love to assist you during our normal business hours.

Q: Why is Byers Imports Right For Me?

There are many reasons why Byers Imports is the best choice for you in the Columbus area. Over the last 120 years of serving our community, we have built a reputation of quality service, honesty and fairness. We are excited to assist you soon.

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